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About us

Our mission

“To improve the quality of life for the people of Revelstoke by distributing the earnings from a permanent, ever-growing pool of funds.”

Who we are
& our history

Formed in 1999 on our city’s 100th birthday of incorporation. The Revelstoke Community Foundation is a Society registered with BC Registrar of Companies and designated as a public foundation and registered charity. We keep our administrative fee as low as possible to ensure that more of your donation goes to where it matters most. In 2008 we established a modest administration fee of 1%, which increased to 1.5% in 2020. Tax deductible receipts are issued for all donations. The Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors and supported by seven committees. Membership in the Revelstoke Community Foundation is open to any resident of Revelstoke interested in furthering the charitable work of the Foundation.


Our vision

For the citizens
To accumulate gifts in a permanent capital fund for the citizens of Revelstoke

Shaping the future
To provide the citizens with an enduring means of endowing the community and helping to shape its future.

Support & encourage
To encourage and support philanthropic activity in Revelstoke

Protect for the future
To manage funds in such a way as to provide income for grants, for inflation protection and to support the operations of the Foundation.

Priority needs
To allocate income from the fund to a range of charitable undertakings which reflect priority needs of the community.

A lasting difference
To make a lasting difference in our community through a granting program that is balanced, creative, flexible and responsive

The Board of Directors

Tracy Spannier, Chair
Todd Webber, RCU Rep, Vice-Chair
Miranda Murphy, Treasurer
Melissa Hemphill, Community Futures Rep.
Rob Elliot, City of Revelstoke Rep.
Maggie Spizzirri, Revelstoke Chamber Of Commerce Rep.
Chris Bostock
Vivan Mitchell
Linda Dickson
Zofie Humphrey
Lorraine Beruschi
Adrian Giacca

Honorary Directors

Ken Magnes
Darryl Willoughby
Jay Strong
Jane Swan
Hugh Storr
Jon Healey
Geoffrey S. Battersby
Steven Hui
Kevin Lavelle
W Earl Campbell

The Committees

Tracy Spannier, Chris Bostock, Miranda Murphy
Community Engagement
Todd Webber, Zofie Humphreys, Lorraine Beruschi
Chris Bostock, John Wilkey, Steven Hui, Kevin Lavelle
Linda Dickson, Vivian Mitchell, Zofie Humphreys, Lorraine Beruschi
Fund Development
Rob Elliot, Kevin Lavelle, Steven Hui
Melissa Hemphill, Adrian Giacca
Donor Services
Vivian Mitchell, Chris Bostock, Lorraine Beruschi

Endowment Funds

At December 31, 2019 our endowment portfolio market value was $2.3 Million.


For 2019 our grants and scholarships totalled $94,095.


How to contact us

To reach a member of the board or committee use their first and last name in the following way:
first name.last

Annual Reports

View and download our annual reports for more information on
how we are helping the community and the details of our activities.

2020 Annual Report 2020 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report 2019 Annual Report

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